This list relates to the semester 2017 A which ended on 23/06/2017
This list has been archived
  1. This reading list contains the required readings for SOCY222-17A except those that are in the required and recommended texts (J. Lindsay & D. Dempsey, 2014, Families, relationships, and intimate life; M. Baker, 2014, Choices and constraints in family life). You are expected to purchase the required text, and it is also recommended you purchase the recommended text (although both will also be available on Desk Copy at the Library).

    Please note that the weeks given here are the 'paper weeks', as in the paper outline.

    Enrolled students should LOG ON to see the Online Resources.You will need to OPEN the digitisation, and possible SCROLL DOWN to the exerpt you need.


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  2. General resources 1 item
    1. The concise encyclopedia of sociology - George Ritzer, J. Michael Ryan, ProQuest (Firm) 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book  The library licence only allows three people to be accessing the encyclopedia simultaneously. Please navigate away from it when you have finished using it so you aren't using up a 'space', and if you are having problems accessing it, try again later.

  3. Assessment 3 resources 3 items
    This section contains additional resources for the essay topics, as follows: 2. Gender roles: Rehel (2014) When Dad stays home too. 4. Domestic violence: Kelly & Johnson (2008) Differentiation among types of intimate partner violence. For Topics 1 (reproduction) and 3 (children and parenting), I've linked to an entire special issue of the journal Health Risk & Society which is on Risk, health & parenting culture. This contains a range of articles relevant to both these questions.
  4. Assessment 1 resources 4 items
    These are the four articles/chapters listed in the handout for Assessment 1. Note that you choose one of these for the assessment, and you must also locate one other piece on the same topic to write on.
  5. Week 1 required readings 3 items
  6. Week 2 required readings 1 item
  7. Week 3 required readings 6 items
    1. Dating scripts of gay men and lesbians - W. Dean Klinkenberg, Suzanna M. Rose

      Webpage  W3 L1 Required reading When you click through on this link, you will then need to click the 'download PDF' button - I haven't be able to directly link to the PDF for this article.

    2. Is hooking up bad for young women? - Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura Hamilton, Paula England 08/2010

      Article  W3 L1 Recommended reading

    3. Has dating become more egalitarian? A 35 year review using Sex Roles - Asia Anna Eaton, Suzanna Rose

      Article  W3 L1 Recommended reading

  8. Week 4 Required readings 3 items
    1. The double bind of parenting culture: Helicopter parents and cotton wool kids - Jennie Bristow 2014

      Chapter  Essay 5 in Parenting culture studies. See paper outline for full reference.

  9. Week 5 Required readings 3 items
  10. Week 6 required readings 2 items
  11. Week 10 required readings 1 item
  12. Week 11 required readings 2 items
    1. Child and family policy - Ian B. Hassall


  13. Week 12 Required readings 1 item
    1. Living at the cutting edge: Women's experiences of protection orders. Volume 1 - Neville R. Robertson, Ruth Busch, Rahda D'Souza, Fiona Lam Sheun

      Webpage  The required reading is Jess' case study - pp. 98-107.

  14. Week 13 Required readings 3 items
  15. Week 14 Required readings 1 item
    1. Changing roles: The pleasures and pressures of being a grandparent in New Zealand - Anne K. Hendricks, Families Commission

      Document  You are not expected to read the entire report.

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